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Townbridge Capital is your partner for building a legacy through niche investment opportunities.

Driven by our creativity and the pursuit of sustainability, Townbridge cultivates opportunities for our partners to grow their wealth together. Through our ability to identify distinct opportunities, produce value-engineering design and construction, and our investment analysis strategies drive value through minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue.

The Next Generation

Townbridge Capital is the next generation of Townbridge Homes, a three generation family-owned and operated residential development company. Founded in 1963, Townbridge began residential construction in New York City and over time has developed projects in Florida, Texas, and New Jersey. The company has a strong devotion to sustainability and healthier environments in the Austin, TX metro area. In an effort to catapult Townbridge into the future, we are evolving into a diverse real estate investment company focusing on meticulous strategies to locate, manage, and develop an investment portfolio for the success of our clientele.

Our Mission

As the Millennial generation has matured and changed the real estate landscape, Townbridge strives to develop properties for younger and future generations. Millennials’ “wallet share” is found in experiential opportunities rather than traditional mortgages and real estate investment. Townbridge seeks to capture the opportunities to provide interactive and experiential real estate through sustainability, technology, and culture. Providing these values in our development projects have both financial and sociological benefits.

Our Philosophy

With our history as a family-owned and operated business, we take extreme pride in serving our clients with well-thought-out investment opportunities. As investors ourselves, we understand what this means for our clients and take special care to ensure their investments are secure. We use our experienced partnerships to provide and manage our clients’ investments as we would our own: consciously, with honesty and integrity.

We take pride in our accomplished financial and intellectual expert partners. By drawing on their proven experience, we evaluate every opportunity to ensure that it meets our multiple-barrier investment requirements. We dig deeper to find high-quality opportunities that fit the needs of our clients and ultimately build a legacy together.

Aaron Levy | Founder & CEO | Townbridge Capital

Aaron Levy

Founder | CEO

Mr. Levy is the CEO and founder of Townbridge Capital, a real estate investment firm based in Austin, TX. Prior to founding Townbridge Capital, Mr. Levy was the Director of Development for Rastegar Property Company.  He also was the President of Townbridge Homes, a residential builder and developer founded in 1963 with projects in Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and New York City. Mr. Levy holds a BS in Architecture with Honors from the University of Maryland and is a LEED accredited professional. He currently sits on the board of directors for Headwaters School as committee chair for facilities and is an active member at the Real Estate Council of Austin. 

“I am devoted to sustainability, whether it is environmental, social, or financial, and I am dedicated to provide that opportunity for others to participate together.”